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Danny Mischok

Brisbane Australia, 1978 Ford Escort 2L 3J Club Car

Hmmm, the pinto seams to have "evolved"!

I originally bought the car from a friend Andy Cannell to replace another 1978 Rally Pack which I inadvertently slid into a Falcon on a dirt road in March 1992. The car when purchased was painted white and had a set of 13-7 Magnums fitted and was in a rather crappy state but it was rust free. So my brother and I set about doing a quick restoration on the car as I didn't want to go overboard as I already had a restored 1970 Escort Twin Cam off the road for an engine rebuild so it was down to a new paint job and tidy up and transplant all the decent bits out off the written off car, and as these thing usually happen I went overboard. When the car emerged 7 weeks later it was repainted in PPG 2 pack had the alloy cage transported and the race seat, engine, Webers, quick rack and 13-6 RS 4 spoke wheels as well as what was left of the suspension. Due to the right front strut being a little bent I had to buy another Koni Sport shock as well as have a new set of struts assembled and that’s where everything got out of hand. The car emerged with a new set of shocks 63mm threaded height adjusters and some adjustable fabricated strut tops all set up to do some hillclimbs and sprints as after the accident I thought I might give rallying a bit of a miss. So before I knew this car I put together as a road car to go to and from work in was pressed into action and the development hasn’t stopped since. But after a couple of years it got to the point where I had a road car that was getting out of hand all the while I also had the Twin Cam so I got rid of the Twink to concentrate on the MK2 and I went out and bought an RS2000 to go to work in. Before I knew it I’d done it again with all the cast offs making their way to the RS. So back to the white car, after doing hillclimbs and sprints for a few years the car progressed to the point of getting a bias adjustable pedal box, Lsd, factory trailing arms gained from a German RS a friend and I had wrecked, a Quiafe close ratio rocket box, 4 spot front calipers and 260mm vented discs with accompanied rear ventilated discs and hydraulic handbrake, Sach’s clutch, 45mm Webers on a standard bottom end with one of Peters cylinder heads and an Emerald phase 5 camshaft.

After some success in hillclimbs and sprints my partner in crime Peter Herlihen finally talked me in to getting serious and do some circuit racing so at the end of 1995 it was decided to build a new engine. Transferring the cam, valves and clutch into a new engine with steel Datsun rods, forged TRW pistons, a 1600cc pinto head, harmonic balancer, a pair of 48 DCOE Webers and what ever other developments Dave Walker from Emerald Cams suggested and other things we wanted to try. What we ended up with was an engine that I’m still use today albeit with all the development that has gone into the rest of the car to make it work best. These have included a 5 speed professional Quiafe close ratio gearbox, shorter diff ratios to keep the engine on song depend on where I’m competing, a chrome-moly tailshaft as I started to twist the regular items, Gartrac panhard rod, World Cup crossmember, a revised oil system with a remote oil pressure relief valve, an RS500 windage tray with crank scrapers, an aluminum bellhousing, a revised instrument cluster to suit the engine, an Emerald 2 stage shift light, a full steel roll cage. And the development is still going as we’ve done so many things that I’ve even forgotten some. But this is going to change as I’m sick of getting tangle up with those wally’s in their rotaries I’m going to have to build myself a 16 valve 2 litre with a Sierra head so stay tuned as I think we’ll have a bit of fun developing that into something competitive.

Facts and Spec’s

1978 2 dr Escort Rally pack painted DSM white

1989cc SOHC pinto engine with a 1600cc pinto head

Horsepower- 218BHP @ 8560Rpm & 168ft Lb’s of torque

12.8 to 1 compression

Emerald P5 Camshaft cross-drilled with Iskendarian springs and retainers

Adjustable cam pulley

Ferrea Stainless valves

Ford inlet manifold with a pair of 48 DCOE Webers an K&N air filter box

Mandrel bent extractors and 2.5" mandrel bent exhaust with the muffler under the boot exiting the back

Standard block with the welsh plug grub screwed and lock wired into place

Standard crank offset ground to 75.62 mm of stroke and fitted with an Aluminium-Steel Harmonic Balancer

Steel L series Datsun rods and forged TRW .030 pistons and Total Seal gapless rings and ARP 3/8" bolts

3 Core radiator with standard 2lt tanks and brackets and an electric fan

Steel 10Lb flywheel with 215mm Sachs clutch and pressure plate

Baffled and winged sump with an RS500 Windage tray crank scraper

High volume oil pump oil with a Peterson remote oil pressure relief valve set at 85psi

Serck-Marsten 19 row oil cooler and Peterson billet aluminium filter mounts and Speed Flow –10 lines and Fram Competition filter fed with Pennzoil GT Racing 50 oil and 6.5 LT’s of it

Bosch distributor and Luminition ignition system and Magnacore KV85 plug leads

Remote VDO oil pressure switch (preset at 50psi) and a VDO pressure gauge connected with Speed Flow –3 lines

Standard water pump with a Datsun FJ20 pump pully

Carter 100gph fuel pump and 3/8 lines with a Holley Red Regulator (preset at 2psi) and a fabricated Alloy 36lt fuel cell

Quaife Professional 5 Speed close ratio gearbox, Quaife Rose jointed shifter and a chrome-moly tailshaft

Escort english diff with steel Lsd’s or locker (depending on event) fitted with diff ratios from 4.44-4.71-4.9-5.14-5.28 depending on what’s required

Capri front strut legs cut and shortened fitted with Koni externally adjustable shocks (revalved) and 63mm threaded adjusters as well as gusseted and fitted with stub axle stiffeners and fabricated strut tops to facilitate camber and caster changes and a set of 250lb 65mm I.D. Kings springs

A Twin Cam 20.8mm front sway bar and Ford Group 2 Anti Dive kit with double width bushes, TRW control arms and poly-urethane bushes (the rules don’t allow me to fit spherical Rose joints), a 2.2 turns lock to lock quick rack, Group 4 steering joint and a World Cup crossmember

Front wheel alignment is 5.2 degrees Camber, 4.7 degrees Castor, 2.5mm of toe in, 126mm of bump travel and 27mm of droop

Rear suspension consists of Koni Sport shock absorbers (revalved) Kings rear leaf springs (custom rate) fitted with poly-urethane bushes which been modified, set of Gartrac 2 link trailing arms and Gartrac panhard rod (the rules won’t allow a 5 link) and a factory German RS2000 diff housing fitted with Escort RS Turbo vented discs and 5lt Commodore front calipers and Speed Flow –3 lines and QFM brake pads

Front brakes are 260mm vented discs and Volvo 4 spot vented Calipers with QFM pads and Speed Flow –3 lines as well as ducting for circuit race events

Fabricated pedal box with a Tilton balance bar and a Tilton remote adjuster and Girling master cylinders and AP remote reserviors and Speed Flow –4 lines and all out going lines are Speed Flow –3 (there are no steel lines at all)

13x 7 Rebel wheels (4 sets) fitted with 205/60/13 Yokohama A008RS or A032R tyres

Drivers seat is a composite OMP Champion and the passengers seat is a MOMO Rookie

Sabelt 3" 6 point harnesses

VDO oil pressure, oil temperature, water temperature and 100mm 10,000 rpm Tachometer and an Emerald 2 stage shift light (the bang light)

MOMO steering wheel and hub and a fabricated aluminium spacer Sparco pedal pads

Full steel rollcage fabricated and Tig welded by Gary Manning and myself

Hawker Energies SBS15 battery (5kg’s)


1996-97-98 Qld. Hillclimb Champion for Club Cars

3rd in class for Australian Hillclimb Championships 1995-96-97 behind Jeff Unwin’s Hellbug

3rd in 2 LT for Qld Club Car Championship (circuit racing) 1996-98 (never bothered to do the whole season)

Lap Times:

Lakeside Raceway in 1.01.32 (1.02.91 with a 93 kg passenger)

Queensland Raceway in 1.25.83

Mt Cotton Hillclimb in 47.43 sec (Record)

Bathurst Hillclimb in 30.89sec

Willowbank Raceway Dragstrip 13.62 @ 99.63 mph and 2.46 sec to 60ft (It went .61 of a sec faster to 60 ft on the 3rd run but tore the trailing arms out of the floor and blew the axle and diff to smithereens!)

Next development will be to fit some full floating hubs to the rear axles and develop a new YB Cosworth naturally aspirated 2lt engine so I can stir up the rotary’s at Qld Raceway as their horsepower advantage shows there compared to Lakeside.

  • Name: Danny Mischok
  • Birthdate: 9th of May 1969
  • Birthplace: Brisbane
  • Occupation: Uni Student
  • Goals: To keep having a good time
  • Favourite Music: Jethro Tull, Van Halen, Pearl Jam and just about anything within reason
  • Favourite Food: A Breakfast Creek Pub Steak!
  • Favourite Drink: Southern Comfort and swig of Coke
  • First Race: February 1996 MG Meeting and finished 9th (started hillclimbs 1993)
  • Current Car: Escort race car, 1972 Escort Twin Cam(GT1600 in Wild Plum with a Tan Interior), 1992 Falcon Ute, 1965 GT500 Cortina
  • Sponsors: PJH Motorsport, Accurate Suspensions, Escort & RS Spares, Emerald Cams
  • Best Result: 4Th Outright and 96-97-98 Qld Hillclimb Champion for Club Cars
  • Biggest Thrill: Spearing off at the kink at Lakeside at over 170kph in the rain backwards with the passenger next me shitting Besser Bricks! and me saying don’t worry there’s no fence in the rear view mirror, Damn it was funny!
  • Favourite Story: Tearing the exhaust system off of a Formula Ford at the kink at Lakeside and then looking at the tacho and it’s doing 9600rpm and realising I’m still in 4th gear, afterwards the Ford driver came over and I thought he was have a go at me but instead he said that was great fun considering I destroyed his exhaust system!


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Ford Escort RS & Mexico 1970-1979 Limited Edition

Ford Escort Rally Preparation