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Classic Ford Features.

The Works Escorts:
The longest running escort website in the world.

Classic Ford "Belgian Gran Turismo" 2000:
Think Wacky Racers, the Gumball Run, Herbie and a ford concours show rolled into one!

Car Profile: Ford Escort MK1
Our first profile section, please feel free to send any info or pictures of your own cars if you would like them featured!

Car Profile: Ford Escort MK2
Our second profile section, also feel free to submit pictures.

Classic Ford / Steve's Mk2 Escort:
Very clean car this one.

Getting wet down under!:
At the A.C.T. Small Ford Owners Club skidpan day.

WANTED: Classic Ford Owners...
We need photos and info of your babies for future features!

WANTED: Racing Car Owner/Drivers...
We need photos and info of your babies for future features (fancy some free publicity guys?!!!!!)





Ford Escort RS & Mexico 1970-1979 Limited Edition

Ford Escort Rally Preparation